Capture the current, itโ€™s limitless and feeds from my mouth to yours. Capture the moment in a memory lasting beyond the fences of superficial silhouettes. Like, drunken shadows lance puppets at sundown as the high key childhood memory. My rabbit feet arrive in the air much swifter than I dared.

Fortitude, 2020

Spare time: I dream of growing so much, I could catch the sky/Iโ€™ve stared at spacious ceilings/Imagining wide-open spaces/The kind of vision where your heart is so perfect,/Becoming the dream,/Growing into living,/The potential accelerating into a breathing metamorphosis/And there are no choices but to become the dream/…And everything is amazing,/Everything sparkles a shining projection of what moves through my mind/There is no dying for the sake of the art/Living this could only be bliss

Quarantine Diaries: Somewhere in the abyss

1) The White House:

These walls,ย they are spotless.ย Like porcelain, they are all white, but often consumed from time to time by fragments of unrequited light I project from staying inside. Like, moody blues as the perfect hue, the inferno cascades upon all that is white. The sun, it’s red rises through window panes- it is the first breath of the morning. And, the silvery moon in a faint sky captivates my somber mind as if I could blend my body softly into this pastel dream. The relic of dancing skies, home is heavenly. Come rain, as I may cry. The foundation of living inside your mind.

2) April 9th, 2020:

My daughter and I call upon our Maltese as a saint, “Saint Beezle”.

The backyard looks like Earth, and the mist from the falling rain looks crazy as the lawn vibrates viridian hues against the marshmallow grey atmosphere. The roses stand paranormal.

3) Oh, sweet anticipation.

Sweet Dreams

Let me sleep, then, into the palest night / Surrendering a thousand sheep who prance in peace / Let me sleep upon their blanket fleece / So I might close my eyes bewitched by the constellation prize / Let me sigh thoughts of you upon the pillow when I speak / Let me sigh a heavenly dream