Quarantine Diaries #1

Quarantine Day 1


I think I’m an artist

I believe I can fly

Like, soaring through tunnels of spotted lights

As my wit reverberates into a heavenly sky

…Somewhere on the Central Coast…


Astral space spitting holographic sparks of the distance between

My left foot and right

Hips distance apart, aeons away

The left- I don’t know, but it may have a line direct to my heart

The other riffs into a play pool, reflecting the comet’s dizziness into my atmosphere


He gave me a name,

Name giveth what I may take.


It’s a block. It’s definitely not a bloody wine cork. The East Side says there’s a way around it, but I just don’t know how to go about it. Be careful how you approach the block; it may be the butcher, you may be the cattle. Notice the horizon line which exists among the block. Beyond the wooden shape combusts limitless energy of power lines and flurry lights, blurring my vision of artistic sorrow into something meaningless. The rolling hills of thunder drift along just so. Limbs like a banana palm relentless in the wind, so wacky and inflatable.


The first thing to be a girl like me, you gotta look the blade of the razor in the eye and think, “You will not shave past my sideburns.” –know your target audience. You make a tight fist with the razor, the other free hand tilting your noggin towards your right shoulder as you plant the palm near your neck in a “chin up” sort of fashion, making direct eye contact with the model in the mirror. Bestowing the utmost confidence, repeating, “Not a single hair on the face goes free.” You embody what it means to be a ladybird in that dazzling moment. Steam. Steam. Steam. The water is nothing but steam. Billowing clouds arise from the porcelain bowl that is the sink, the catch-all dish for whatever is about to fall from this face. But, focus. Narrowing my gaze to the selected hair specimens, the generous heat generating this dragon’s breath of a fog upon the glass that is the mirror, my thoughts becoming more of myself- I am a mythical beast. The woman, the myth, the legend.


Photo was taken in January of 2014.

I feel compelled to write about my progress. Although the photo is an older one, seeing this helps me reflect on where I’ve been and who I am today. This was taken months before I hit my ultimate low which lasted at least 4 years in isolation. I am beyond grateful for the support I have from my family. I am forever indebted to their love which helped to restore faith in myself. While seeking opportunities of love and affection from whoever may be out there, I have become wise by experience to know that family is always first. Restoring faith in myself and learning the values of self love and appreciation has made me the best woman I can be. Because we need to be driven by our values. Long term goals will always succeed when we put our values first. 💗💗💗


I Dream is moonbeams and bioluminescence of the waters in the sands

I float for new hope

No message in a drunken bottle to sink scores from the shores

I cast a moonstone on the depths of all my love

I enshrine crystals catching the silhouetted the sun

Drawing down the moon because there’s a face for every mood

The tropics of the ocean entrancing my emotion

My own row to hold onto pointing me in an endless North

My own reflection of a soul, for what it’s worth