I Dream is moonbeams and bioluminescence of the waters in the sands

I float for new hope

No message in a drunken bottle to sink scores from the shores

I cast a moonstone on the depths of all my love

I enshrine crystals catching the silhouetted the sun

Drawing down the moon because there’s a face for every mood

The tropics of the ocean entrancing my emotion

My own row to hold onto pointing me in an endless North

My own reflection of a soul, for what it’s worth

Morning Glory

I am a survivor, Truth be told

I am a survivor, with a new heart of gold

Pieces of morning shine

Believing in every moment that is mine

Daybreak and nightfall,

Not a shadow captured

Living for love and all

There is hope

To share in this celestial wealth

There is a new day

To begin in some kind of new way

To be so truly blessed,

To be taken by surprise

I call this Morning Glory


The drunken wolf is a wild coyote, to be fair.

Just how uglier can a man be to abandon ship and swallow another prey? Your ignorance is inhumane.

I am above the lack of influence.

His moral compass, a broken arrow

No mystery to the down sparrow