Good Smaritan

I witnessed my own close encounter with the greatest minds of intelligence

Stimulated by hopeful heaps to delay our psychotic kinds alike

They married us in paper gowns and gave away these little Dixie cups as we strolled down the aisles of a locked down unit arm in arm

I remember that gleam of hope in my eyes that we’d wed just once

Wedded to the socks on our cold toes

Wedded to the insomnia of the heat of the night

Wedded to the ball and chains of our own impending fright

“My doctor’s my lawyer”- my sentiments of a prenuptial agreement at the cold calling of the old phone on the wall

Nothing else exists for us,

The rest of the world beyond the chain linked fence is some kind of static, only a train runs by with all the bells and whistles

I’m only here to be a good samaritan

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