I was never insane,

Just profoundly in touch with my wildest dreams, sparking action to bring to life another living fantasy that my aching limbs could touch

Drawing down the pull of the moon to carry the weight of lunacy on my shoulders

I speak from experience of all this, too, to only bring elation from such a mental monsoon

At night I could be waltzing to the tune of an absent symphony-it’s a classic- in such perfection,

In that night dress,

All alone and undone

Becoming unraveled by the winded thoughts which breathe a heavier sigh of uncertainty of the path I choose to dance

Twirling beneath the dizzied veins of stars which shine as I smile helplessly consider this as experiential art of such an obscurity,

Finding romance in my own air of the falling night

I never blink

As the moment, it passes by

Before I close my eyes

And all goes dark again

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