She is lifeless, a translucent corpse to the core

Eat a pulse,

Constellation cadaver in retrograde

Out from under someones tithing sins.


She is the virtue to the wrath of an endless cycle,

Never ending season

Into the void

Romancing in necromancy by the weight of her heartbreak

Insanity for liberation

Mind is light as a feather

Now all at once, but never all together


These skeletal eyes hinge on her own hunger

Hunting all of masculinity into her Hades

As they follow her down to her world

where she is blanketed in blue flames

Birthing brightness like another big bang,

Viewing the humanity who follow the way,

but only ever by the ill will of the pulse to decay


And the song remains

Sirens will reverb fangs of aversion by Venus envy

whilst the humidity of the temple expands the mind

levitating into loneliness

but never fading in time.


-Everything I touch turns to stone,

So, set my sights upon the roses, the sacred garden under the heavens

And foresee there is no blame

And everything must stay,

And a dawning of a new era I will pray

For a crown of stars from the nether

Fully realizing the metaphoric she.


Who feels the realms of a fervent blue

is gifted

by the burden

of paranorm




For she is closure

of the cycle of their sins

by the





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